Nylon Hollow(Spring) Yarn

Nylon6 FDY 280D\420D\400D\600D\800D TB
Nylon6 DTY 280D\420D\560D\630D SD
Use: Lace, Narrow fabric(Elastic webbing)
Features: Nylon yarns has been twisted and shaped for many times to make the yarn like spring. It is used in lace, narrow fabric(elastic webbing), weaving and other industries to make the fabric pattern more three-dimensional.

Nylon Rope Thread

Basic yarns: Nylon6 FDY 200D/36F RB or FDY 210D/24F TB
End yarns: #3(1*3), #6(2*3), #9(3*3)
Use: Narrow fabric(Elastic webbing)
Features: Made of 1 to 3 pieces twisted nylon yarn, such as 1*3 / 2*3 / 3*3. It is mainly used for the edge of narrow fabric(elastic webbing).

FDY Dyed Yarn

Nylon6 FDY 40D-780D Triangle-Bright or Round-Bright
Use: Narrow fabric(Elastic webbing) , Ribbon, Seamless, Weft knitting
Features: The lustre of the dyed FDY is bright. Triangle bright FDY mix with semi-dull texture yarn together to make products out of the ordinary.